Frequently asked questions

Here are a few answers to questions which we are asked on a regular basis. We hope you find it helpful. Please remember we are here to assist you and will be more than happy to answer your questions and guide you.

I am thinking about booking a Horse-riding lesson and / or hack in the countryside

How do I go about it?

Initial enquiries can be made via our website, email, telephone +44 (0)1386 584250 or call into the office. We can provide options for you or advise you on what suits your requirements. There is an answer-phone service and if you leave a message we will endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible and explain everything in more detail. We are open EVERY DAY except Christmas Day.

Can I come and have a look around?

We welcome people to visit us and view any lessons taking place (hacking / trail rides are more difficult as it is in open countryside). If you require more information please telephone us first so that we can ensure there is a Member of the Team available to show you around and answer any queries that you may have. Unfortunately due to Health and Safety reasons we cannot allow members of the public around the stables unaccompanied.

Do you have any age or weight restrictions?

There is no upper age limit but our minimum age for riding is 4 years old, there may also be certain guidelines and restrictions which will be of a common sense nature.

The maximum weight of rider we can accommodate is approximately 18 stone / 114 kg / 252lbs.

Are you insured?

Yes, we have Public and Employers Liability Insurance however we always recommend that riders take out their own personal accident insurance.

What style of riding will I be doing?

All our horses are English schooled and therefore you will be riding English style. This will not be a problem if you have only ridden Western style we can cater for most people’s needs.


I am a bit nervous, will I be safe?

We consider ourselves to be very safety conscious however you should be aware that Horse-riding is recognised as a RISK sport. Your choice to ride is voluntary. We take every precaution to minimize the associated risks however it is also important that you understand that horses are large sensitive animals who can behave unpredictably at any time so please take care when around them.

I do not have any Riding gear or equipment. What should I wear / bring?

Please also see Terms & Conditions - Safety Equipment & Riding Wear.

  • Riding hats: We have riding hats in a variety of sizes which meets the current British safety standard and which you may borrow for your lesson or hack if you do not have your own.
  • Body Protectors: All riders have to wear body protectors for both lessons and hacks when riding with us which if you do not have your own we have some which you can borrow free of charge.
  • Footwear: should be of sturdy construction but not too bulky and preferably with a ½ inch heel to prevent the foot slipping through the stirrup. Trainers are ok but Wellington boots are better, Chelsea boots, desert boots, dealer boots and fashion boots like Dubarry’s are fine too. Sandals, high heels and flip flops are NOT allowed.
  • Trousers: Jodhpurs are ideal, but jogging trousers, thick leggings or comfortable stretchy trousers are generally considered more comfortable than jeans which seem to have thick seams in all the wrong places and can be quite uncomfortable for some people. Trousers must be long not ¾ length. Shorts and dresses are not allowed.
  • Tops: A sweatshirt or T-shirt is fine. Waterproof / wind proof jackets are useful items to bring in our unpredictable British weather. Scarf’s if worn should be tucked in or tied so as not to ‘flap’ and startle any of our horses
  • Gloves are advisable in cold weather to prevent hands becoming sore
  • Jewellery: It is advisable to remove any jewellery before riding so as not to lose it or cause any rubbing from say wearing a riding hat
  • Hair: Ideally exceptionally long hair should ideally be tied back in a pony tail or similar.

What happens if I need to cancel my lesson or hack?

What happens if I / We are ill on the day? Do you waiver the 3 / 7 days notice or do I lose my money?

Unfortunately from our point of view it doesn’t make any difference why you cancel, the fact is, you are cancelling, and it is usually too late for us to replace your booking. As you can appreciate we are a busy yard and have to ensure the correct staff and horses are here for you in preparation for your booked time. NO SHOW on day then payment will be required in FULL .

What is a Rider Registration Form?

This is a mandatory document as part of our insurance which must be completed (if a minor it must be signed by an adult 18yrs +) before you ride or participate in any activities at Jill Carenza Equestrian Centre. It asks for personal details, any previous injuries you may have incurred horse related or not, any disabilities, medical history and people who can be contacted in an emergency. We also need to know about your riding ability / experience which is explained below:-.

Here are some guidelines to help you judge your riding ability:

  • Never ridden:NO experience of horse riding whatsoever
  • Beginner:A rider with little experience.
  • Novice:A rider who is comfortable and in control at the walk and/or trot, but has limited experience trotting and / or cantering. Has had some formative horse riding lessons.
  • Intermediate:A rider who is confident and in control in all paces (including trot, canter and gallop), rides regularly and may also have competed at a lower level
  • Advanced:All of the above, plus competitions etc at a higher lever and the ability to handle a spirited horse in open country.

Will I have the same Instructor each time?

We try to maintain continuity with instructors if you prefer, however, you do need to take into consideration factors such as sickness, holiday and so forth.

Where will I ride?

Lessons: We have 3 outdoor schools, so there is plenty of space for lessons. Sometimes we ride in the fields or on the hill when the ground conditions are suitable. Our minimum lesson time is HALF an hour.

Hack (Trail ride): we are fortunate to be located at the bottom of the Cotswold escarpment so with a short horse ride you can be on the hills with miles of tracks and bridleways to enjoy on horseback. Our minimum hacking time is ONE hour.

What sort of horses do you have?

We have many horses and ponies of various sizes and types who will accommodate most levels of rider.

I am interested in learning about caring for horses as well as riding them. Is this something that you offer?

Yes we offer stable management for both adults and children in various formats.

Can I bring my own horse to you for a lesson / hack / holiday?

Yes you can. We would recommend having private lessons though as we do not know your horse / pony and how it may react to different surroundings. Stabling is available if you want to bring your horse/ pony on holiday with you and allows you the option to go hacking.

Do you run Pony camps for children during the school holidays?

Yes we do. It is best if you call the office number find out dates and availability +44 (0) 1386 584250, as you can appreciate they do get booked up quickly.

Do you cater for Birthday Parties?

Parties can be arranged in the form of either a group lesson which usually consists of games or a Pony Walk or a combination of both. A maximum of 6 and a minimum of 4 riders are easily catered for. We may require an adult to lead each child. Rosettes are available to purchase.

Telephone: +44 (0)1386 584250